It Takes Two

In my quest to become more of a minimalist….which has taken over a year. ( I know….it’s  trial and error over here figuring out what works best with me…everyone is different) I am not the type of person that can look at clothes and throw it away just like that. I have emotional attachments to things….you can ask my boyfriend (LOL) I named my car Barry  ( for Blueberry LOL) and he is slowly dying but I don’t want to give him up…..and I won’t until he is completely dead.  We’ve had a ton of memories.

So I have had to get the help of my boyfriend who quite frankly is a minimalist. Literally before we started dating I had no idea that he is a minimalist. I really didn’t think I had a huge problem with stuff until I saw his closet and his room. Granted women tend to have more stuff…..because well guys don’t generally wear dresses…at least not as much as me, nor do they typically wear bras but……this is a learning process and unfortunately it’s been a slow learning process for me.

I figured I need someone to keep me accountable…like for reals…..I used to be that person that literally went on Instagram to online shop. It became a big problem. Since my boyfriend has been helping me…..I actually have gotten better. One of my favorite online clothing stores was actually have a huge blow out sale because they are moving warehouses sooooo EVERYTHING was like $14.99. It is a girls dream!!! And yes, I added a ton of clothes to my cart but I told myself to not buy them…to wait on it and thanks to other women….most of the things I wanted were out of stock when I checked my cart back an hour later. So YAY!! It’s the small victories guys!

To speed the process my boyfriend has even agreed to raid my closet of all the clothes and stuff I should get rid of.  I am putting things in piles to sell on Poshmark and piles to donate to Goodwill. So far…… I have a couple of books to donate to Goodwill and I have a ton of boxes that I can put stuff in.

My only concern currently is that my boyfriend and I will argue over what clothes to let go and what clothes to keep. I currently have 25 dresses….which is (for me) a big deal because I am that girl who owns a ton of dresses. LITERALLY, a year ago I had over 60 dresses. It was bad. So this is a fresh of breath air, unfortunately I also have a ton of running clothes and shirts…..those have been surprisingly much harder to get rid of but my boyfriend is brutally honest on clothes he thinks is ugly so this shouldn’t be too bad.

Let’s hope by next week my closet will be clean and spacious. I am actually sitting here getting super excited about it. ( I know it’s kind of lame but hey it’s the little things remember) 

For me…. It’s gonna take two of us to help me become a minimalist. Fingers crossed that it works out for the best.


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